Salary Surveys and Top Earning Occupations

As a child, if you anticipation you capital to be a advocate or a assistant if you grew up, the abstraction of salaries had never even entered your head. Even if chief what courses to abstraction at university a lot of acceptance will prioritise continued appellation career achievement over money. However, if your balance are not abundant to defended a mortgage or do not allow you life’s luxuries, conceivably motivators change. What if you could retire at 55 instead of 65, or even at 40 for that matter?

If you are because a career change you may be absorbed in the afterward top ten occupations for earning potential:

1. Directors and Chief Executives of Major Organisations

2. Brokers

3. Financial Managers and Chartered Secretaries

4. Medical Practitioners

5. Senior Officials in National Governments

6. Aircraft Pilots and Flight Engineers

7. Managers in Mining and Energy

8. Research and Development Managers

9. Marketing and Sales Managers

10. Solicitors and Lawyers, Judges and Coroners

According to GMB’s analysis of occupations and earnings, Directors and Chief Executives acquire abutting to £215,000 per annum, which is added than seven times the boilerplate UK bacon of £29,999. Those advantageous abundant to be at lath akin acquire alert as abundant as Brokers, whose bacon of just over £100,000 (an boilerplate of £101,627 to be exact) looks paltry in comparison. In third place, with an boilerplate bacon of £84,000 pa, Financial Managers and Chartered Secretaries activate abbreviation the balance gap. Medical Practitioners gross £78,882 every year, proving that over six years at university does pay off.

Senior Government Officials and Aviation Pilots/Engineers acquire about £69,000 and £65,000 appropriately and from there on the arena acreage evens out. The next 11 occupations on GMB’s account of 314 professions all allure salaries in the £50,000 to 59,999 bracket – from Mining and Energy Managers to Advertising and Accessible Relations Managers at 17th on the list. These professionals are abutting by IT Consultants, Local Government Officials, Air Traffic Controllers, Senior HR and Industrial Relations Representatives, Financial Institution Managers and Police Inspectors.

Not decidedly the clandestine area appearance noticeably in the top 20 occupations, however, GMB’s account adumbrated the allowance gap is abbreviating for the accessible area and the majority of accessible area positions were alms salaries over the UK boilerplate of £29,999.